King Apparel’s Special Pockets


Storing condoms in the right place when going out is a stiff subject. After all you don’t want it to stick out of your wallet or in any other unsafe place. UK’s King Apparel suggests you to have your condom in your jeans in an inside stash pocket.

King is a streetwear label and as such they are in a great place to tackle teenage pregnancies and STD’s in the 15-18 year age range. To achieve the best results they partnered up with Want Respect? in 2007 and presented the jeans with a condom pocket I mentioned before.

Now, two years later, all of their jeans and shorts come with the pockets as a standard. What a success.

Here’s what King say about the project:

The project is a couple of years old now, but King wanted to de-stigmatise taking a condom out on a night out as it looks like the guy thinks he’s going to get lucky, when all he’s doing is being prepared – you never know… But they gave away a lanyard with a condom as well in the stores that stocked the jeans, they came attached to the jeans.

The King Apparel Jeans


Jeans Pocket


Shorts Pocket


By the way the pockets are branded with the heart shaped Want Respect? logo (as you can see in the pictures above) that has been designed by graffiti legend Mode2.

And Here’s the link to the complete lineup of products by King Apparel.

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