Jimmy and His Junk: Jimmy Kimmel Pokes Fun at China’s Penis-Shaped Building

It won’t be fully erect, um, finished, for nearly a year but there is already a ton of buzz regarding the new Beijing headquarters for The People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China. Why? Because the 500-foot building looks just like a penis.

No one can help but see the resemblance, except for maybe the Chinese, who are so annoyed by all the mockery, they don’t want to hear another johnson joke. In fact, they don’t want the building associated with any references to the male anatomy. You can’t even see images of the penis-shaped building on Sina Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter. That’s why China’s Communist Party is blocking all searches that cross-reference the “People’s Daily” and “Building”. Photos aren’t favored either.

Fortunately, Jimmy Kimmel lives in the land of the free. He had a skit on his late night show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, featuring a cardboard cutout of the penis-shaped building. He waved it around and even let audience members touch it. Then he asked young children what the building looked like. One said, fittingly, “That’s kinda hard” while another said it looked like a giraffe and a girl said it looked like a cake on a stand. Jimmy then placed the cardboard cut-out in the skyline of his set.

China is known for modern architecture, but why would the Chinese purposely design a penis-shaped building? Architecture professor Zhou Qi won the bid to design the People’s Daily headquarters, beating out at least four other concepts. How bad must have the other designs been?

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