Happy New Year!

Dear Condomunity readers, today I would simply love to wish you a Happy New Year.

By doing so I’d like to present the cute japanese Astrology Condoms. They are marketed by a very small company called Yamashita Latex. The company is so small that they don’t even have a website. I haven’t seen them available anywhere in western countries, but they’re a joy to look at anyways.

Which one is your favorite?

Astrology Condoms from Japan

Aquarius January-February

Aquarius Astrology Condom

Pisces February-March

Pisces Astrology Condom

Aries March-April

Aries Astrology Condom

Taurus April-May

Taurus Astrology Condom

Gemini May-June

Gemini Astrology Condom

Cancer June-July

Cancer Astrology Condom

Leo July-August

Leo Astrology Condom

Virgo August-September

Virgo Astrology Condom

Libra September-October

Libra Astrology Condom

Scorpio October-November

Scorpio Astrology Condom

Sagittarius November-December

Sagittarius Astrology Condom

Capricorn December-January

Capricorn Astrology Condom

That’s the 12 excellent astrology condoms from Japan.

Sincere thanks to Johnny of stationsvakt and Jay.


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