Jan Fabre’s Art Installation Talk of the Town

Antwerp, Belgium – “Spring is on its way” is the latest installation by Belgian conceptual artist Jan Fabre at Antwerp’s contemporary art museum Muhka.

The piece of art with the meaningful name has become the talk of the town recently because of its distinct looks and because of its smell. Fabre’s installation scheduled to run until the start of spring 2009 consists of condoms filled with onions and potatoes hanging from the ceiling.

Local media reported that many visitors and even museum guards protested against the smelly spring art. 8 years ago Jan Fabre covered some university pillars in Ghent in ham and understandably after a while the complaints came at that time too.

The contemporary art musem Muhka has no plans to remove the condom-potato installation, but it is removing any vegetables that hit the ground because of the heavy weight of the vegetables, they told AP.

Spring is on its way by Jan Fabre
De lente komt eraan (spring is on its way) is about transformation and metamorphosis.

Jan Fabre Condom Installation

Close-Up Condom with Potatoes

Jan Fabre Condom Potato Art

People enjoying the installation

Jan Fabre - Spring Is on its Way

Judging by the look of the pictures overhead, at least some people are enjoying the view.

Picture Credits [Via winnipegsun]

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