Jack Mackenroth’s Condom Wedding Dress

Yes sure, condom fashion has been done before it’s nothing new. Brazilian artist Adriana Bertini for example devotes her whole time to condom dresses and art projects. But nevertheless it was a very special occasion last Wednesday (15th of October) when national designers met for the “Evening of Hope Condom Couture“.

The fashion show organized by the nonprofit AIDS/HIV advocacy charity Project Inform and hosted by Project Runway’s Jack Mackenroth showcased local and national designers’ fall collections — along with a signature piece partially made of condoms. Jack Mackenroth made a wedding gown for this event:

Wedding Gown Sketch
The condom wedding dress is made out of 2000 condom wrappers and a lot of glue.

Condom Couture Jack Mackenroth

Wedding Gown Completed

Mackenroth Condom Dress Hat

Wedding Gown Full View

Mackenroth Condom Dress

I thought it was interesting noting that Jack is suffering from a latex allergy which made the project especially challenging for him. “I had to have volunteers from Project Inform take them out of the packaging — all 4,000 of them — since I can’t even touch latex because I go into anaphylactic shock. No joke”, he told queerty.com.

Apart from Jack Mackenroth’s gown there were countless other participants some of whom incorporated as many as 32’000 condoms into six outfits. If anyone knows about the rest please let us know in the comments!

Sincere thanks to Jack Mackenroth for sending in the images.


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