Inventor of the Spray-on Condom Launches Condom Brand

My.Size Condom Brand

Jan Vinzenz Krause is the inventor of the spray-on condom, a technique that should spray a condom on in a matter of seconds and captured the imagination of many people out there (and the media). However everyone out there will have to wait for the spray-on concept for some time longer (if it comes at all).

In an interview we found that the main problem was the time it took the sprayed on latex to dry. The original plan to take the time down to 5 to 10 seconds turned out to be impossible. The inventor team was also facing other problems like the legal classification of the product. They would’ve practically had to create a new category for the condom spray. These problems eventually led to a development stop.

In the meantime the condom entrepreneur Jan Krause quietly launched his own internet condom brand My.Size.

My.Size is an internet-only brand that comes in six different sizes.

In an earlier statement Jan Krause said, that “Men on the Web, they are very honest”. And that is part of the concept for the online selling brand. For many men it’s easier to buy small condoms online than in the drugstore round the corner.

Various sizes aren’t really a new approach. TheyFit Condoms has done it before for example, but they’ve been down ever since Condomunity’s existence and are difficult to reach for any information.

The brand is new on the market in Germany right now. The US will follow sometime in 2010. But the only thing that’s sure for condom brands experimenting with various sizes is that nothing is so sure. Trojan had to discontinue its small branded condom a short time after its introduction. We’ll keep you posted.

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