ID Lubricant Freebies

ID Glide Freebie

Anyone in the USA and Hawaii interested in receiving free samples of lubricant? Then this is for you.

One of the biggest lubricant brands is ID and after filling out a short survey you’re entitled to a free sample of ID Lubricants.

I must admit I always get slightly irritated when I see the ID logo with the fingerprint on it (see above the D). But that’s not the topic here, get a formidable product to try out for free here.

Here’s a short introduction about Westridge Laboratories, the producers of ID:

Westridge Laboratories, Inc. the makers of ID Lubricants, has been producing premium, high quality and ultra long lasting lubricants since 1993. Located in Orange County, California, our state of the art manufacturing facility, packages and ships ID Lubricants coast to coast and around the world.

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