The New iCondom Edition 2008

The iCondom by Contex was a perfectly done viral (considering the iPhone craze at the time) for Contex, a condom brand mainly sold in Eastern Europe (Russia). Now, almost one year later there’s a new “edition” out there. So this is basically a short update to the story.


This time there are no commercial interests behind the creation of the graphics. It’s just a work by graphic designer Mauricio Estrella uploaded to his deviantART profile… Actually he states he doesn’t have anything to do with Apple or condoms. “In fact, I don’t use condoms”, he says.

Read on after the jump to get to the functions of this fantasy device.

Here’s a function or two:

Easy to install – The installation follows the standard steps. If you ever have a problem with it, check if you meet the minimal requirements.


Flexible External HDD – Why the hell would you need this feature? We don’t know, but we put it! Available in 8GB and 16GB versions.

These and more can be found right at the source. Enjoy.

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