I Will Not Be Your Father Condom

A few days ago a picture started to be referenced on twitter with I will not be your father condom after a few days of research and no result I thought I would post the image as well here.

The image shows a condom wrapper with a stylized Darth Vader saying:

I will not be your father.

Apparently this item existed in french before, saying “je ne serais pas son/ton pere“. By the way, this is definitely not the first post about Star Wars on condomunity.com, here’s an earlier Star Wars Condoms post (although it’s just called Star Condoms).

I find it very interesting how much creativity goes into promoting condoms and condom usage. It’s great. Have you already seen the earlier Pope condom wrapper post?

If anyone knows where the picture comes from and let’s me know in the comments, I will gladly attribute the correct credentials.


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