Mission Impossible: How to Get a Condom on in 4 Seconds

You could say that Pronto Condoms made a dream come true for many people out there. The ultimate question was: How to get a condom on in just 4 seconds?

Since the launch of the Pronto Condom applicator it’s not a question anymore. It’s mission impossible accomplished so to speak. It also remains true though, that you can only get the super fast condom applicator in South Africa only.

But fortunately we have good news to announce here. The South African inventors are currently checking investment opportunities to take the product global and available to a wider public. Until then let’s have a closer look at this product and what it does.

Pronto Condom

The pronto condom applicator decreases the time to put on a condom in less than 4 seconds and ensures that the condom is put on correctly, even in the dark. The condom remains in a relaxed state whilst secured in two separate half moon parts of the applicator that is smooth and will not scratch the user or damage the condom. The condom fitted to the applicator is pre-packaged in a sealed foil wrapper and sold in fours in fun designed packs.


The remarkable design was awarded the “Most Beautiful Object in South Africa” Award at last year’s Design Indaba.

Pronto Condoms Are 4:Secs

I always thought Pronto was fine, but did it really capture the imagination of the people they were targeting? I’m not so sure, but for this year’s Design Indaba South African industrial design firm …XYZ has done a remarkable job rebranding their new Pronto. From now on it is 4:secs Condoms.


The product was designed and is being manufactured in South Africa. The inventors hope that with their invention they will increase condom usage and add a novelty factor to a condom purchase.


4:secs is definitely an interesting approach. I hope to see the 4:secs in other countries soon and you’ll definitely read about it here first.

How 4:Secs Works

How does this condom applicator work? It’s an easy 5 step procedure:

  • Hold the pack with the illustrated side facing upwards. Position the thumbs behind the dotted lines, grip firmly. Bend the pack downwards, to crack the top foil layer open
  • Bend the pack upwards, to crack the bottom foil layer open
  • Pull the 2 halves of the pack apart gently. The condom is suspended between these 2 halves
  • Rest the condom on top of the penis. Then gently push downward. This will cause the condom to unroll directly onto the penis. Hold the 2 pack halves in a straight line and keep them close to the sides of the penis, but avoid direct contact. This will ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Unroll the condom onto the entire length of the penis. Then keep the pack halves close to the penis and twist them 90 degrees – this will automatically release them from the condom.


Only thing that could happen is that the applicator slips and the condom falls out. In that case take it out and use it like any other condom. That will be 4:secs to 10:secs.

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