How Much Is My 110-Year-Old Condom Worth?

What many assume is that the history of the condom is a rather short one. But quite the opposite is true and the history of condoms is a rich and long one. For example condoms – of sort – have already been used in ancient Egypt. Now, two days ago there was an auction at Austrian Dorotheum for this 110-year old condom set made from fish bladder.

These condoms at that time were meant to be reusable to an estimated amount of ten times. Now there were five 110-year-old condoms left and up for auction in Vienna along with the original cardboard box with the maker’s label. The box’s size was a 26 x 6 cm. The price estimate for the item: 300 to 500 Euros.

A long story short: the fish bladder condoms with its case sold for a whopping 2000 Euros on the 09.11.2010, which is two days ago today.

What really makes this piece of condom and its tin remarkable is the state it’s in. It almost looks as if it was just produced for use. And there are signs of crosses on the packaging that may indicate how many times the condoms were used before by the owner. And if you look closely you can even find the manufacturer:

Old condom auction

MIRA Original, Fischblasen mit dem Kreuzadlerkopf.

Via boingboing and Dinosaursandrobots.

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