How Bare Are the Trojan BareSkin Condoms?

Some people tend to skip condom use just because they think that a thin layer of rubber will prevent them from feeling the ultimate pleasure that only sex without a condom provides. Many condom manufacturers have been trying to change this mentality by developing condoms that are thinner than regular condoms. We decided to try out Trojan BareSkin Condoms, which are classified as “very thin”, to give you more information so you can decide if you want to try them yourself.

Trojan BareSkin Condoms Review

Trojan BareSkin condoms are 40% thinner than the standard condoms in Trojan’s product lineup. Trojan BareSkin is a regular size condom measuring roughly 52mm in the flat width and roughly 195mm in length. BareSkin condoms are pre-lubricated with a premium water-based lubricant. Although condom lubrication is important, it’s not imperative that a condom comes pre-lubricated because lubricant, either extra water or silicon, can be added when needed. Having said that, it is nice that BareSkin does come with lube.

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Lately, Trojan has focused on developing new condom shapes, but this BareSkin offers your classic straight shape condom with a reservoir tip at the end. Nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, BareSkin is not yet available in a large or extra-large size.

condom shape

Overall, Trojan BareSkin is a great regular size, super thin condom. They really do feel much thinner, and hence, much more natural, that regular condom. These condoms are definitely worth trying.

MYTH: Trojan BareSkin Condoms are too thin and will break easily.

REALITY: Any latex-condom should be used with water or silicone based lubricant to decrease the dry friction which could potentially cause condom breakage. It is almost impossible to break a condom during regular intercourse when lubricant is used.

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