Harry Popper

Please imagine a condom brand called Harry Popper for a second. Does a little magician come to your mind? Now go on and imagine the Warner Brothers studio’s reaction to such a name: As the copyright holder for Harry Potter, they’re probably not that amused.

The Hollywood studio is taking legal action against a company called Magic X, that produced the condoms in question , for copyright infringement (see Harry Popper in the Swiss brand registry). The Cantonal Court in Schwyz will rule in the coming weeks on whether to ban the brand and thus the product from stores. The product already seems to be gone from Magic X’s stores.


A Warner Brothers’ lawyer said that “Everyone who sees the condoms automatically thinks of Harry Potter” as the “Bote der Urschweiz” reported. The brand, clearly being a reference to the fictious magical character, needed to be prohibited, since “The image of my client is in danger”.

The Harry Popper packaging shows a white cartoon-like condom with round-rimmed Harry Potter-style glasses waving a magic wand.

According to the Bote.ch, the Hollywood studio’s lawyer is partly accusing Harry Popper to be the cause of Harry Potter’s unusual dropping turnover in Switzerland.


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