Freedom Tower Make Love not War Condoms

Torsten Blueher a German entrepreneur has registered a rather unusual trademark to say the least. Freedom tower make love not war is the new mark registered in a couple of countries for a couple of products.

As the NY Post reports the request for the trademark registration now lies before the US Patent and Trademark Office and “has 9/11 families howling and the tower’s owner, the Port Authority, scrambling to block it”.

While at the time it’s doubtful if the request for the registration of the trademark will be granted for the US with the Port Authority looking to block it, but the trademarks for many European countries is already a fact.

That means nothing else than we can expect to see Freedom Tower branded condoms, sweatshirts and sweets in the future.

Freedom Tower Make Love not War

The trademark registration has been registered in 2007.

Freedom Tower Make Love not War

Freedom Tower Product Details

The list of possible products is long:

  • Category 10: Condoms
  • Category 25: T-shirts, sweatshirts, footwear etc.
  • Category 30: Ice-cream, sweets, crackers etc.

Freedom Tower Make Love not War Details

It looks like there might be a vast range of products called Freedom Tower Make Love not War in Europe soon enough. If the condoms ever come to be, you’ll be the first to know.

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