Free Condoms on Facebook

Free Condoms on Facebook

Free condoms are all the rage on Facebook where an application promises to send free condoms along as you earn points along the way. However at the time there seems to be a problem with the service.

We apologize for the recent unexpected “crash” of our application. Maintaining a successful application on this platform requires regular updates to keep up with technical changes being introduced on a regular basis by Facebook. The most recent release of the new Facebook profile has caused our application to break and we don’t know when we will be back.

The service Freecondoms works like this: By recruiting friends for the app (they monetize your friends and you) you can earn points and at some point are entitled to your free condoms.

Because of the recent “malfunction” of the app we could not test this out for you and earlier attempts to get in touch with the developers failed. It does generally sound like a fair deal. You get them advertising money, they get you free condoms. But at the moment it looks rather like it works mainly for the app developers.

It’s up to you to judge the reliability and trustworthiness of this service by having a look at the discussionboard and the reviews of this application (at the time 3.2 out of 5).

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