Football Branded Condoms Giveaway

Burnley FC Condoms

Burnley FC and The Condom Collective are handing out club branded condoms at their home matches as part of a sexual health campaign. And if there was any doubt about the reception of this campaign and the general idea of club branded condoms: the Burnley FC fans thankfully picked up all of the 3000 Durex condoms handed out by sexual health workers this weekend.

This is certainly a good idea and it’s hard to believe that this was nationally seen the first time ever a football club handed out self-branded condoms considering the fact that the target group is attending the games (16-24 year olds). Let’s just hope that they’re actually going to be used and don’t end up in a display along with the other Burnley FC merchandise.

Who still doubts that football has anything to do with condoms, please have a look at what Capetown players do with them.

Via Burnleyexpress/Burnleycitizen

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