Bill Gates Condom now Made by You

The Belgian condom brand Love Condom has a new flash website. Frequent readers will remember the Love Condom for its Bill Gates ad stating “I finally discovered an efficient antivirus”. As you can imagine the whole campaign caused quite some social media coverage back in October 2008.

Now you can create your own character on the new homepage which is quite limited to four functions:

  • The home and overwiev page – where you get an overview over “the big noses family”
  • The create your own part – where you can create your own big nose character
  • The wall of fame – with all the other creations
  • STD info – with a really limited text about STDs

Your creation can then be sent to friends of yours and added to the gallery.

If I’m not mistaken they also added 3 new characters themselves: Bozob the Clown, Dick Vicious and Ban Zai (to the already existing Arnold, Bill, John, Icedick and Hotshot see in the picture below).


And because some of these characters are creative, they’re down here aligned in a safe for work fashion.

Bill – “I finally discovered an efficient antivirus”


Ban Zai – “With Love Condom every night is a little Pearl Harbour”


Arnold – “With all those soldiers around you, it’s better to be protected”


John – “Peace and Love Condom”


Bozob – “With Love Condom people finally take me seriously”


Icedick – “With Love Condom I reach the G-point in 8-7 seconds”


Dick Vicious – “With Love Condom punk has a future again”


Hot Shot – “Since I’m using Love Condom I can easily find a hole in the defence”


I think the dressing up is an interesting idea and certainly a great addition to a campaign that worked well beyond the Belgian borders.

Via Down the Rabbit Hole.

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