First Climate Neutral Condoms


Ever seen a green condom? Introducing: Luemmeltueten – the first completely climate neutral condoms. The German condom brand plans to achieve a net zero carbon footprint by compensating the CO2 released in the condoms’ production process.

Here’s why and how: Luemmeltueten produces not only five million rubbers per year, but unfortunately also 400 tons of CO2. Approximately half of these emissions are offset by reforesting 2200 m2 in a German forest near the condom factory. In South India, where the rubber is harvested in a FairDeal Trading fashion, the plantation workers are given solar-powered cookers. Each cooker will compensate 500kg in 5 years. Furthermore, to exemplify the climate friendly philosophy, the Lebenslust company uses only green electricity, bicycle couriers (where possible) and energy-saving lamps.

If every single one of the 8 to 10 billion condoms released around the world each year were produced under such ecologically worthwhile circumstances, approximately 800 000 tons of CO2 could be compensated.

More details about the method and the product itself may be found on their site (in German).

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