Buying Condoms in Fable 2

Update 27. 10. 08: Rumour has it that you can find the condoms:

  • The dog finds the condoms for you
  • Buy them at general stores
  • Buy them at gift stores

If anyone would like to share the places he has found some, let us know in the followup post where to find condoms in Fable II.

Fable II is a the new game by famous game-designer Peter Molyneux. It’s set in the fictional colonial era world of Albion with people carrying swords and still relatively primitive guns. I had heard rumors about condoms being used in the game which made me wonder and look for it myself.

But first things first. Fable 2 is designed to be a fully dynamic and interactive world with no set quest path to take. That means you can do whatever you want wandering around Albion complete even with four seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter).

You’ll start the game as a child somewhere around 8 years of age and grow older as the time goes on. As you already suspected that brings us to the core topic: When the time is right, you can marry, have sex and children, cheat on your husband/wife and catch sexually transmitted diseases (and a whole lot more).


That’s when you need to obtain condoms made of animal intestines (similar to what has been found in a Spanish Library recently) which will avoid unwanted pregnancies and std’s. It doesn’t get much more realistic than that. However it seems to be a clever trick, the community loves it and a google search for Fable 2 condom will return 33’300 results at the time of writing. To see the Fable II condom in real time, click the movie.

And yes first primitive condoms date back till Roman times.

For whoever this is too realistic, you might want to try Boingz, the game where you play as a condom or let’s say something similar.

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