Durex Helps Canadians Wrap their Packages

Durex wants Canadians to feel the Love. To celebrate the holiday season Santa and Durex handed out “Love Condoms” on last Tuesday, December 16, in downtown Toronto.

The Santa Clauses were dressed in red with a little blue sticker on the back saying: “There’s sex, and then there’s Durex“. The handed out Love Condoms are thinner than average condoms and come with extra lube.

Durex in front of the H&M

Durex Santa Clause in Toronto

Handing out Love Condoms

Durex Santa Clause in Toronto

As a matter of fact I’m always happy to be handed out free condoms, but apparently not everyone is. LifeSite News reports the story from a different angle:

Santa Claus is simply another name for St. Nicholas, a Catholic bishop and saint from the early Church known for generosity to the poor. He is also a symbol of the beauty and mystery of Christmas, particularly for children. To use the figure of Santa to promote an ideology of casual sex on busy public streets is offensive in the extreme.

Have a great Christmas everyone.

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