Durex Spice Dice iPhone App


I’m sure all of you have seen dice with sextips printed on them before, now here’s the digital version from Durex: it’s called Spice Dice and it basically gives you random ideas to try out right there on your iPhone.

Spice Dice works by shaking the iPhone, then after waiting for a few instants, it shows you your position and a few extra tips along with it.

According to customer ratings this app seems to be ok but not outstanding at the moment. But who can argue with free, just give it a try and keep it if you like the Durex Spice Dice App. Let me quickly outline some of the features for you:

Durex Spice Dice Features

  • Suggestions on everything from romantic gestures to sexual positions
  • Includes full illustrations and instructions
  • Recommendations for complimentary products: condoms, lubes, massage and vibes
  • Recommend to friends or your partner
  • Link to Durex website for more product information and purchasing.

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