Durex “O” Peaks with Social Media

We’ve given our readers a little sneak peak about the Durex O orgasmic gel when it had a special appearance during the Milan fashion show. Now Durex O is starting big.

Not only is it setting out to help all women out there to improve their sexual pleasure, it will also be heavily advertised through social media. Update 28.11.08: Watch the Durex O TV ad here.

We’ve got word that as early as next week we’ll see the TV ad air with an opera scene (you might want to have a look at Passion Powered by Control in the meantime). You can also win a luxury weekend away for two at the Mr & Mrs Smith boutique hotel in Edinburgh. Only thing you have to do is check out the Things that make you go O facebook group to enter.

Durex Play O

Now let’s have a short look what Durex Play O is actually supposed to do:

  • An orgasmic gel for women, Durex Play O increases sexual desire as well as stimulating the clitoris through a clever mix of invigorating ingredients, resulting in intense, pleasurable orgasms
  • Fact: 79% of British women achieved orgasm by using the Play O product
  • Tested with over 600 women

Sounds promising. So let’s see how the rest of the world will react to Play O.


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