What Is it with Opera and Sex?

I’m happy to feature the new Durex Play O TV ad that has gone live just a few days ago. We’ve had many visitors looking for the video, so here it is:


The ad features various women using the lubricant Durex Play O (no you don’t see that) and are accompanied by an opera singer.

Durex Play O is a pleasure enhancing gel for women that is working for many women out there. It’s nicely packaged and looks like a perfume. To launch such a fashionable product Durex installed a temporary store in Milan during (and before) the fashion week in September, which I thought was quite a good idea.

Now what is it with the title of this article. I really think the Durex Play O ad is done well, but I wouldn’t call it original. For a little comparison there’s the Passion Powered by Control and the Manix Take over the World ads below that also use similar effects (as many other do also I’m sure). The most interesting thing about the Control ad is, that it looks like it is inspired by a Scorsese short movie (Key to Reserva). To watch the videos just click on them.

Passion Powered by Control
Passion Powered By Control

Manix Condoms Take over the World
Manix Condoms Take over the World

Have fun watching. Which one do you like best?

Sincere thanks to Robin.

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