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I thought that today I could present Durex’ own online condom community called Ora!. From the looks of it it’s been running for almost a year now and it’s described like this:

An anonymous and respectful community, where you can bare your soul and get the best out of your sex life.

Get answers to your questions, explore your naughty side, and confess your sins. Joining is free and only takes a moment.

Ask Questions About Condoms

I must say, although there are many untapped opportunities there, you can browse the forums, ask and answer questions and find inspiration and articles in traditional blogs. It’s probably not the coolest community under the planet. But it’s definitely a start.

One of the things I always missed was an easy way to ask questions about condoms, stds etc. online, that seems to be possible there now.

Have you been active on Ora! or do you wish there were other features on there? Let me know in the comments. If you know more about when the myora.com launched please also let us know.

Expect to see a lot of Durex posts over the coming weeks and months since they’re going through a major rebranding starting from the 25th of November.

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