Durex Launches New US Magazine

Durex the Magazine

Durex is launching a new magazine with tips, coupons and stories in the US. You can sign up for a free copy at their site or do a preview and flip through the pages here.

At the time of writing there is not too much information available about how the future of this whole thing is going to look like, but we’ll keep you up to date as soon as we know more. But let us have a short look at the first volume here.

For example there’s Caroline Wilson, a researcher and writer on youth and consumer trends at youthography, writes about internet trends and sites and Dr. Sari Locker answers a few important questions about sex.

Obviously you’ll come across a lot of Durex products, but besides that you’ll have some other sections to explore:

  • 10 Sizzling New Secrets: A section with reader tips
  • 5 New Durex Products: Here you’ll get to know the 5 new Durex products Play Vibrations, Play Quiver, Play Pleasure Foam, Utopia (which is the European Play “O”) and Sensi Thin
  • Surfing Tips: Savage Love, Tribe and Joy Apparel
  • A Questions and Answers Section: Questions answered by Dr. Sari Locker
  • Truths Revealed & Myths Busted
  • Coupons Worth 25 Dollars

Condoms rarely break is such a myth that is discussed/busted in the magazine. That’s what it says:

When used properly, condoms are highly effective – about 97% effective, in fact. In order to guard against condom breakage, always put the condom on following the directions that come in the box with the condoms. Particularly important is getting out any air between the penis and condom as you unroll it properly. Also, using a water based lubricant may help reduce the risk of breakage. Remember that if you are having a marathon sex session, change condoms after about 20 minutes to reduce the risk of tears.

I think you get the idea. Solid advice for young adults who want to learn about safe sex and Durex. Why not?

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