JLS (Yes – Jack the Lad Swing) Condoms

JLS the successful British boyband that have come out of the ITV show X Factor 2008 and since also become known in the US have teamed up and signed a contract with Durex to promote condom use to its fans. JLS – Just Love Safe – condoms come at 2.99 Pounds.

Interestingly enough this is not just a short print or online campaign but an intense condom campaing where each one of the members will have a “personal” condom packaging containing “3 extra safe condoms”.

JSL Durex Condoms

This has come as an act of support of the newly launched JLS Charitable Foundation:

Just like Durex, JLS are concerned about the problems of STIs and unwanted pregnancies (and the fact that Britain has the highest rates in Europe). So they’ve set up the JLS Charitable Foundation to raise money and make donations to worthy causes that promote sexual health.

Slightly thicker, with extra lubrication, Extra Safe give you the ultimate in reassurance. Each of our 4 exclusive packs, containing 3 Extra Safe condoms, features one of the JLS boys in their individual colours.

The band’s profits will go to charity. I would be more than interested to see wether people are actually buying the JLS Condoms. This is a nice move by the band. Not everyone would like to be featured on a condom packaging.

Aston JLS Condoms

Aston’s Durex Condoms blue 3-pack:

Aston JLS Condoms

Oritse JLS Condoms

Oritse’s Durex Condoms red 3-pack:

Oritse JLS Condoms

JB JLS Condoms

JB’s Durex Condoms yellow 3-pack:

Marvin JLS Condoms

Marvin’s Durex Condoms green 3-pack:

We’ll definitely keep you up to date about the JLS Durex Condoms and if you have any related news, just get in touch or let us know in the comments.

Via and image credits Durex.com.

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