Get it On

Durex recently released a clever (and hilarious) viral ad called Get it On, a video suggesting that you use condoms in all kind of situations.

The ad was done by Süperfad for Durex USA. Let’s just quickly dive in and let the creators do the talking. Scroll down the article to see the Get it On Video in full length.

Perhaps it would be best to call this an anti-viral, if only for the disease stopping potential. The new film for Durex, synonymous with the word condom in the UK, takes a decidedly comedic twist (um…position?) on encouraging the use of its products in the US. To create the animated frolic, agency, Fitzgerald+CO turned to the talent of Superfad who eagerly embraced the opportunity.

Durex Get it On Ad Still

Above is a still taken from the video. It shows the dogs checking out each other in a typical fashion. Here are the final results:

Durex Get it On Viral

Get it On Outtake 1

Get it On Outtake 2

Get it On Outtake 3

The Short Story Behind

The ad is originally based on a shoot by photographer Arian Camilleri, whose excellent characters were ported into the durex short above (which were probably inspired by the earlier Durex Play) ads.

Durex Get it On Bears

Durex Get it On Rabbits

Durex Get it On Dogs

All picture credits Arian Camilleri and video credits Süperfad.


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