Durex Condom Ad vs. Kids on the Loose

The new Durex “Protect Yourself” condom ad has been out for a bit now and, love it or hate it, people are talking about it. A major reason for doing an ad, right? Depicting men coming home to a hellish brood, the ad serves as a reminder to always wear a rubber if children aren’t on the immediate plan.

Contrary to what some holier-than-thou types suggest, Durex’s intention isn’t really for men to never father children, just not to impregnate anyone before they are ready. Not exactly a novel concept, we still found the ad amusing. The Association of Independent Commercial Producers must have too– they just named this commercial Spec Ad of the Year.

Did we mention the commercial has a great punchline ending, too? Watch the “Protect Yourself” ad now and tell us what you think. Does it make you want to don a condom?

Need another reminder to always suit up if you don’t want children just yet? Watch this funny French commercial from 2003. A screaming kid or a rubber? You make the call.

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