A Dog Named Condom

The incredibly successful Indian mass media campaign is now in its last round. The fourth and final phase of the ongoing condom normalisation campaign produced by the BBC World Service Trust sends a little puppy dog on his big task to teach India the use of condoms.

They’re asking how can a sweet little pup help to make condoms more acceptable and condom users look smart! Well, if his name is Condom, he certainly can. So that’s what Indian the Indian TV and Cinemas will be playing the next few weeks. Watch the Condom Dog spot by clicking on the picture below.

A Dog Named Condom

The new ad from the country’s National AIDS Control Organization is a bit strange, but it works. An old woman playing with a puppy asks its owner (and his omniscient parrot) what the dog’s name is. Its name is “Condom” they say and she then repeats his name several times.

Her support of condoms is being applauded by the people around her watching the scene. The tagline, “Jo Samjha Wohi Sikander,” translates to “The One Who Understands Is the Winner.”

How successful the campaign really is show the figures that were published recently. The condom a cappella ringtone, launched in August, has been downloaded by 660’000 people and the campaign has pushed up condom sales in India by 85 million in six month.

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