Discover the Future: CSI: New York and Spray-on Condoms

spray-on-condom technology

Alright then. You don’t want to waste the time to put the condom on and you just can’t seem to find the right size? Then be sure to follow the development of this product:

The spray-on condom is currently in a test phase and scheduled to hit stores in summer 2008. In this post, we will show you how it works, where you can get it and what others have to say about it. In case of questions ask away in the comments section, we will get answers right out of the German laboratory.

  • Update: If you want to be in the know about the latest in the spray-on condom development you might be interested in reading the newer posts Spray-on Condom not Coming.


What Is the Spray-on Condom

Good ideas are usually explained in a few words. This condom will be sprayed on. In other words, you use a sort of a spray can, which will coat your penis in a rubber condom at the push of a button. Therefore it will fit all kinds of sizes and forms. It would allow you to be ready within a few seconds and the latex skin would be 0.040 mm to 0.015 mm thin. That is pretty thin when you compare it to the average of 0.060 mm in other condoms. Furthermore, the condom can’t be damaged before use and you’ll definitely put it on the right way.

All of this can result in better and safer sex. The spray-on condom fits perfectly, which means you won’t feel it (too much) and it won’t slip. This sounds like a serious leap forward for some, for sure. Now, how far away from market-readiness are we at the moment?

The spray-on team is working on some technical issues, but they hope to be ready by early summer of 2008. One thing that might be crucial to the success of this product is the time it takes for the condom to be ready for use, which is directly connected with the time it takes till the latex is ready (vulcanization process). Testing and research should get this time down to around five to ten seconds (from around 20 seconds at the time).

Anyway, how much will people want to carry the can around? Or will it clearly become a home-based solution? Where and when you will be able to buy it remains to be seen. But if you are buying in online stores, you might be on the safe side.

How Does the Spray-on Condom Work

Unlike in one episode of CSI: New York and the picture above watch the CSI video here, the condom is not going to be sprayed on manually. Instead, it uses a can that can be placed appropriately and then the can does all the work for you.

The principle is easily explained when illustrated:
spray-on condom with nozzles

The can is cupped and equipped with nozzles (pink) from top to bottom (30 units). It comes as a one-time purchase and will likely cost about 15 to 25 euros.
spray on condom - separate parts

To get it working the can needs latex cartridges (green), which will be attached on top. Such a cartridge is naturally replaceable and will produce 10 to 20 rubber condoms each (at a cost of roughly 7 to 10 euros).
spray-on condom with button

When assembled, the can is ready for action. At the push of the button (red) the nozzles will coat the penis in a latex condom in a secret “360 degree procedure”.
spray-on condom with coating

The condom should be ready within a few seconds. It will be equally efficient as normal condoms, but it won’t slip. From now on it will behave the same as a conventional condom (take it off the same way, use it only once etc.).

Are there different versions as well?

So far it is not possible to spray on ribs and knobs but they’ll come in red, green, yellow and transparent versions as well as various strengths of the latex skin.

Reality on TV, soon in Stores?

The idea of a spray-on condom is not really new. But certain issues like the vulcanization time and the absence of a reservoir tip make it difficult for such products to work. The same can be said for the German team working on this product right now. We will be watching any improvements closely, but after a short chat to the developer (4.12.), one thing is clear: the spray-on condom has to be considered just a product idea at the time.

However this thing turns out, the condom community will keep you up to date. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section as he is reading as well and we’ll see to answers. Visit the inventor’s website By commenting you agree on our terms of use.


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