Dickileaks the Wikileaks Condom

I knew it. It was only a matter of time before someone came up with a Julian Assange Condom, more specifically I thought it would either be coming from the prolific celebrity condom maker Benjamin Sherman (who’s been the father of the Obama Condom, the Palin Condom, the McCain Condom, the Tiger Woods Condom and finally the Oil Spill Condom), or Condomania who also have a history of using popular faces on condom wrappers.

Update: What do you think about such a thing? I’m not sure I like that money’s being made on the misery of others. But you might think otherwise.

Update II: We have another trending post you might want to have a look at: the YourTube condom.

And this morning I had a press release by Condomania sitting in my inbox presenting the “Dickileaks Condom, We Leak More than the Truth”.

Just a few days ago I published a post saying that Julian Assange had been falsely accused of rape in the western media and that actually the crime was more about not using a condom with the women he’d been during his time in Sweden.

Now here’s what Condomania has to say about the Dickileaks Condom:

When I read the headline that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested in Sweden for having sex without a condom, I realized that we don’t have a condom for those people who enjoy the thrill of the leak but must wear a condom to meet local ordinances,” said Adam Glickman, President and CEO of Condomania. “Here’s a guy that clearly enjoys the danger of leaking, but didn’t have a condom that leaked. If DickiLeak condoms were available at that time, Assange would have been legally protected even if he wasn’t sexually protected.

For who’s interested in using this gadget: DickiLeak condoms are available for $11.95 per dozen from Condomania.com.


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