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Today we’re publishing our second condom brand review for you. We call this series of articles “condoms design showcase” and we’re concentrating on the condom brand personality and what they have to offer you. We’re not only reviewing brands, but offering the possibilty to give you a voice too. You can add your own experiences, ask questions and help others out.

So today it’s ONE Condoms‘ turn. I’m especially happy to present ONE this early in the lifespan of this blog because it is a very interesting and innovative brand. So far ONE are home in the US, Canada, Iceland and Norway as well as in the UK. ONE has come up with a slogan that says: “Next Generation Condoms”. Read on to find out why and if it’s true.

Interactivity Included

Let me begin with the most obvious feature of ONE condoms. When looking at their condom wrappers one can’t help realizing that they’re refreshingly different from what we’re used to from other brands: they’re round and they’ve got pictures printed on. Actually it’s over 120 various pictures and designs.

ONE Condoms Wrappers

It can be quite addictive to open the package and watch the designs you got.

ONE Design Contest

But the really important factor here is how the designs are done in the first place. They’re made by people like you, submitted to and then voted on by the visitors of the page. It means the wrappers are entirely crowdsourced if you will.

So ONE Condoms is periodically looking for the Picasso of Prophylactics. I think this is a very important message, you can be part of their team to make condoms more beautiful. Here’s how you can contribute to the design of ONE Condoms: Click on the cup on the left, take a good breath and start drawing and submitting designs.

I’m sure it’s a rewarding feeling to have your own wrapper printed.

ONE Condoms Background

ONE Condoms has not been around for that long, but the company behind it is a big one of the condom industry. Global Protection Corporation is around since 1988 and has brands like Atlas Condoms, Pleasure Plus and Night Light in its portfolio. What really sets ONE Condoms apart is their dedication to lifestyle and for me this is an explanation for their success.

ONE Condoms Homepage

The ONE website is not loaded with information, but it does its job. You can vote, submit designs and browse some of the collection. You can enroll in Sex School, communicate about sex, make a difference on your campus and take the Safer Sex Oath.

In case you need a clinic near you, try finding one by using the ONE Clinic Finder.

I was amazed to learn that ONE Condoms is not doing print or television advertisement. They instead partner with performing artists to carry their brand. You can check them out and listen to some songs here: Listen to ONE.

ONE Packaging

ONE use beautifully designed aluminum style cases for their packages. They come in 3-,12-, and 50-Packs. To see the packages for the individual products, just click on the pictures below they’ll take you to the single products with more information.

ONE Products

You will find a bright “Made with Sensatex” on every ONE packaging. This means that they’re supposed to be softer, smoother, clearer and purer than other condoms. I really can’t say if that’s true. As always I’d suggest to give it a try and see if they fit YOU. After all it’s always a really emotional and subjective experience to choose condoms. Feel free to add your opinion as a comment to help others out. An interesting note concerning condoms security: Every ONE Condom is individually electronically tested for your safety and reliability. This is a really good sign, we have no word of who is controlling these testing procedures though.

As for the packaging one can say, that they don’t fail to deliver a stylish image. You can get 6 different styles in boxes of 3, 12 or 50 pieces.

1. ONE Condoms Super Sensitive
[ratings id=”1729″ results=”true”] Is a thinner condom with added lubricant for gliding comfort

ONE Super Sensitive Condoms 3

Length: >180 mm; Width: 53 +/- 2mm

What’s this button?

2. ONE Condoms 576 Sensations
[ratings id=”1776″ results=”true”] Is a condom covered with large stimulators (added lubricant)

ONE Condoms 576 Sensations

Length: >180 mm; Width: 53 +/- 2mm

3. ONE Condoms The Legend
[ratings id=”1787″ results=”true”] Is a larger, XL condom (added lubricant)

ONE Condoms The Legend

Length: >? mm; Width: ? mm

4. ONE Condoms Pleasure Dome
[ratings id=”1782″ results=”true”] Is a condom with a roomier tip to create a larger zone of comfort (added lubricant)

ONE Condoms Pleasure Dome

Length: >180 mm; Width: 53 +/- 2mm

5. ONE Condoms Glowing Pleasures
[ratings id=”1744″ results=”true”] Is a condom you can expose to light for 30 seconds of glowing fun (added lubricant)

ONE Condoms Glowing Pleasures

Length: >180 mm; Width: 53 +/- 2mm

6. ONE Condoms Mixed Pleasures
[ratings id=”1771″ results=”true”] Number six is a collection of all the previous styles: Super Sensitive, 576 Sensations, Pleasure Dome, Color Sensations (new) and Glowing Pleasures

ONE Condoms Mixed Pleasures

Length: >180 mm; Width: 53 +/- 2mm

7. ONE Condoms Pride Pack
[ratings id=”1762″ results=”true”] Number 7 is a collection of condoms featuring Pride wrappers

ONE Pride Pack 3-Pack

Length: >180 mm; Width: 53 +/- 2mm

8. ONE Condoms Skin Tin
[ratings id=”1751″ results=”true”] Theses are condoms featuring naughty designs

ONE Skin Tin 3 Pack

Length: >180 mm; Width: 53 +/- 2mm

Unboxing ONE Condoms

To make sure you know how to open the package and what’s inside we’re doing unboxings:


There’s also an unboxing video for those interested in the opening process. To view on youtube click here!

Now here we’ve got an interesting issue:

  • The boxes are nice to look at, but were a bit difficult to release from the packaging. However to be fair here, there’s almost no packaging you will not have minor opening problems with
  • What remains though is the problem with the wrappers. They’re nice to look at, but as they’re round we’ve found it more difficult to open up than classical square wrappers. That’s something you’ll just have to accept or come to terms with.


  • Brand origin and date of formation: USA, ?
  • More about ONE: ONE Condoms Main Page
  • Pricing: >Depends
  • Length: 180-200 mm
  • Width: 51-55 mm
  • Strength: ?
  • Quality: Global’s own testing method
  • +: Really fashionable, colorful concept

To summarize the whole thing I think I can say that ONE Condoms is a really interesting and fashionable brand for young people. What do you think? Do you like their concept? Have you ever won one of their design contests?


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