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Cucoon Design Condom Dispenser


Here at Condomunity we love great designs, ideas and concepts to challenge the existing. And here's a truly great find. I mean it's no necessity, but I'd truly consider this as a bedside gadget: The Condom Dispenser Cucoon (unlike other - great ideas like the no panic button).

We have no word so far wether this is going to be available at anytime. The Cucoon is a limited edition of 15 built by Susanne Hanggaard and a friend of hers. It will be exhibited at this year's Maison & Objet in Paris again and will be sold in 2009 by Danish Crafts.

But let's have a closer look. This is what the designer and artist Susanne Hanggaard has to say about the Cucoon:

Who hasn't tried being in that situation when you need a condom - fast? You have to get out of bed and remember where you last stashed the condoms, perhaps even toying with the idea of dropping the condom altogether, as there are many who also have an aversion to using them.

Cucoon is a product that brings this problem out into the open. How else do you find renewed appreciation for the condom, and how do you let your attitude towards the use of condoms be known to your surroundings? Aided by humour, Cucoon is a product that attempts to create an alternative and more appreciative attitude towards condoms.

With a Cucoon, you are prepared contraceptive-wise, when sex is on the cards. The condom has been given a central place of its own, within easy reach when foreplay leads to the next step - pleasurable and enjoyable, and yet also linked with untold consequences and risks.

The dimensions of the Cucoon are 40 cm x 18 cm x 20 cm and it is made from porcelain, mdf, nylon cord and some mechanics:

Simply attach it somewhere and then pull.

cucoon condom dispenser Cucoon Design Condom Dispenser

Cucoon Details
It's a bit complicated, you'll have to refill every time manually.

cucoon condom dispenser detail Cucoon Design Condom Dispenser

Cucoon at a Furniture Fair

cucoon fair Cucoon Design Condom Dispenser

Cucoon at a Furniture Fair with Condoms

cucoon fair 2 Cucoon Design Condom Dispenser

The Cucoon Condom Dispenser was accepted into the Danish Crafts Collection 2008 and was exhibited at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York in May 2008 (ICFF), and in Paris at Maison & Objet in September 2008.

Another thought here, attaching a 4:Secs Condom makes the Cucoon the ultimate speed machine. Btw. interested manufacturers willing to develop the design into a more functional product with a refill system ,are welcome to contact the designer, as she mentioned in a mail to me.

Via Susanne Hanggaard. Images 3 and 4 by NOTCOT.


  1. Is this supossed to be cool?!?

    Is this the message to our children?!?

    "Make sex, make more sex, do it whenever, wherever. Just use a condom."

    So the whole point is about using a condom?

    What hapenned to sex being something special?

    Why are you forcing it into being a routine?

    What's up with this brainwashing?

    I don't understand it!

    The girls in the photo are approximately 15.

    Why would you wear a condom on the shirt of a 15 year old child?

    Mark the word: child.

    You guys are sick.

  2. LOL i actually would love ta get my hads on a whole bunch of these!! where i get them!!???

    ima hand them to my friends and promote safe sex!! WOOT WOOT!!

  3. I don't think they're actually available now. Your best bet is to check on their website (and possibly ask google to translate).

  4. Valadis,

    Take a breather. Numerous studies have been done that show that promoting safe sex doesn't actually increase sexual activity. It does increase safe sex however. You, like so many on the right, think that by showing a teen/adult a condom means that they will immediately pick up that condom and use it with the first person they see-which is totally ridiculous. We do everyone a disservice in this country by not promoting safe sex...thus we have the highest teen pregnancy rates/highest teen abortion it would seem that actually not talking about safe sex or tools of how to protect oneself from unwanted pregnancy, HIV, and STDs really doesn't work (remember that whole 1 in 4 teenage girls has an STD article?)

    So it's not "sick." What's sick is not protecting each other and our parnters from that tri-fecta I mentioned above.

    We need to get away from the mentality that sex is bad/evil/dirty and move to sex is natural and if you are going to do it be safe and here's how...respect yourself and respect your partners!

    The reality is that 15 year olds ARE having SEX and getting HIV and STDs and having unwanted pregnancies. So let's do something about it! Let's teach, empower, educate!

    I love the idea and absolutely support it!

  5. Nice to have you on here Megan, welcome :)

  6. Uh Meagan. First of all it's only YOU guys that have such a problem.

    15 are you kidding me?!?

    Here girls at 15 don't even think about it. And boys at 15 just begin thinking about it.

    And none of them imagines doing it. That happens years later, at 16, 17 or 18.

    In Greece we are the most active country BUT our teens don't loose their virginity at a young age. They wait for the right partner. Not drunk 13 y.o. sex like Denmark.

    "...We need to get away from the mentality that sex is bad/evil/dirty and move to sex is natural and if you are going to do it be safe and here’s how…respect yourself and respect your partners! ..."

    NO! We shouldn't promote sex as something routine, natural & normal.

    We should promote sex as something SPECIAL & IMPORTANT.

    That's the problem with Scandinavian countries. Your teenagers think sex is a routine and that they can have it with whoever they meet in any given situation without any care.

    *Clap clap* you should be proud of yourselves...not

  7. I am very much not kidding you. I should have also mentioned that I'm from the States-not from Scandinavian countries. Although Scandinavian countries do have much lower rates of unwanted pregnancies among teens and lower STDs rates. This is most likely due to their comprehensive sex education.

    And there are a lot of countries that have this problem. Not just the States or European countries. It sounds like teens in Greece start having sex around the same time teens in the States do.

    I think, in general, we have very different views on sex. I absolutely think sex is a natural thing that people want and desire-whether it's with someone special or something in the moment...that's for them to decide. Demonizing sex, however, is definitely not the way to go.

    As a medical student, I have seen teens who did have sex with someone "special," but still had an unintended pregnancy or STD.

    The reality is teens are going to have sex. My point is that ads that promote safe sex-mainstreaming it into popular culture-is far better than telling teens abstinence until marriage or don't have sex until later! Those messages just don't work.

    Condoms aren't scary. High teen pregnancy rates, STD and HIV rates are scary. And like I said before, promoting safe sex works and has been shown (through excellent research) not to increase the frequency of sex but the amount of protected sex.

  8. Listen up bitch.

    Your bullshit don't mean shit to me.

    Sticking a condom on a girl is a moving "FUCK ME" sign.

    So I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

  9. Wow. Totally unnecessary.

    I thought we were having a mature discussion of the ad, but I guess not.

    Good luck to you.

  10. A mature person doesn't stick a condom on a 15 year old girl.


  11. Look Valadis, we appreciate discussions of any sort on here. Your position is your position, but you need to accept that there are other opinions out there as well. So keep your insults to yourself, or shout them out your window in Athens. I appreciate that.

  12. Ok, but just for the info not every Greek person lives in Athens.

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  14. I think we need to look at the situation in total. Most European countries have lower ages of first coitus. Unfortunately, the lack of education given in the United States means that teens here must discover much of the information about sex and sexuality on their own. First coitus here hovers at about 14. Denmark's youth DO NOT have drunken sex at 13 (well most don't). I think that you have to think about the fact that HIV and other STI's are still an issue and in a world where advertising has morphed into everyday life, we must find new ways to present information and influence behavior for public good (the definition of Social Marketing). Therefore, I think this is an excellent idea - and you can verify the ages of those young women later....let's remember that they are models and most likely are above 18 which is a completely arbitrary measure of adulthood.

  15. Valadis,
    if you dont support safe sex,
    dont bother coming onto this website that clearly does.
    your views may be different, but if you think about it
    abstinence sometimes is unachievable.
    if you disagree.
    look around, look at the numbers of infected, i think they speak for itself.
    if you put a guy and girl together, the likelihood of them having sex is quite high. its part of nature, and there shouldnt be anything wrong with it.
    if they cant abstain, then there must be measures to protect them.,
    what better way than make "safe sex" cool?

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