Cucoon Design Condom Dispenser

Here at Condomunity we love great designs, ideas and concepts to challenge the existing. And here’s a truly great find. I mean it’s no necessity, but I’d truly consider this as a bedside gadget: The Condom Dispenser Cucoon (unlike other – great ideas like the no panic button).

We have no word so far wether this is going to be available at anytime. The Cucoon is a limited edition of 15 built by Susanne Hanggaard and a friend of hers. It will be exhibited at this year’s Maison & Objet in Paris again and will be sold in 2009 by Danish Crafts.

But let’s have a closer look. This is what the designer and artist Susanne Hanggaard has to say about the Cucoon:

Who hasn’t tried being in that situation when you need a condom – fast? You have to get out of bed and remember where you last stashed the condoms, perhaps even toying with the idea of dropping the condom altogether, as there are many who also have an aversion to using them.

Cucoon is a product that brings this problem out into the open. How else do you find renewed appreciation for the condom, and how do you let your attitude towards the use of condoms be known to your surroundings? Aided by humour, Cucoon is a product that attempts to create an alternative and more appreciative attitude towards condoms.

With a Cucoon, you are prepared contraceptive-wise, when sex is on the cards. The condom has been given a central place of its own, within easy reach when foreplay leads to the next step – pleasurable and enjoyable, and yet also linked with untold consequences and risks.

The dimensions of the Cucoon are 40 cm x 18 cm x 20 cm and it is made from porcelain, mdf, nylon cord and some mechanics:

Simply attach it somewhere and then pull.

Cucoon Design Condom Dispenser

Cucoon Details
It’s a bit complicated, you’ll have to refill every time manually.

Cucoon Design Condom Dispenser Detail

Cucoon at a Furniture Fair

Cucoon Condom Dispenser at Furniture Fair

Cucoon at a Furniture Fair with Condoms

Cucoon Condom Dispenser at Furniture Fair 2

The Cucoon Condom Dispenser was accepted into the Danish Crafts Collection 2008 and was exhibited at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York in May 2008 (ICFF), and in Paris at Maison & Objet in September 2008.

Another thought here, attaching a 4:Secs Condom makes the Cucoon the ultimate speed machine. Btw. interested manufacturers willing to develop the design into a more functional product with a refill system ,are welcome to contact the designer, as she mentioned in a mail to me.

Via Susanne Hanggaard. Images 3 and 4 by NOTCOT.


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