Craziest New Condom Patents May 09

I’ve just had a few new condom creations or rather the patent applications hit my inbox and I thought they were so hilarious I just had to share them with you instantly. Here’s a short overview over 8 forms that inventors want you to wear.

Which one is it going to be?

A banana, rocket, submarine or a microphone condom?


Or rather a zeppelin, full beer glass, dolphin or cucumber condom?


I tend to the full beer glass condom just because it makes no sense at all. To see more details for these creations stay tuned as I’ll cover them in more detail later on.

Though probably the most important question remains: will they ever hit your local store? Patents usually are a few years ahead, so only time will tell.

Other older hilarious and more or less serious patents can be viewed in 60+ Incredible Patents You Don’t Want to Miss.

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