Craving that Crazy Sexy Feel? New Trojan Lubricants Please!

Craving that crazy sexy feeling? Trojan Condoms bets you are by introducing their new line of Trojan lubricants, designed specifically to get you feeling your sexiest and make you crazy in bed.

Whether you prefer silkiness, warm tingles or intense pleasure, Trojan lubricants have a formula that’s right for your sensual style.

The new line of Trojan lubes includes:
Trojan Continuous Silkiness Lubricant for smooth and lasting pleasure night after night
Trojan Arouses & Intensifies Lubricant to get you in the mood and heighten passion every time
Trojan Tingly Warmth Lubricant to get you hot, hot, hot and tingling with sensual sensations in the bedroom

Trojan lubricants have great texture that enhance your intimate play. Even the packaging is sexy: the bottles are designed with sensual curves representing the lines a woman’s body. Plus, they don’t cause a mess because they are clear, unscented and non-sticky.

You can use Trojan lubes with any latex condom, but they are not recommended for use with vibrators. Using lubricant with condoms increases the condom’s effectiveness because lube helps increase glide and decrease friction to minimize breakage.

The trio of new Trojan lubricants is a great addition to America’s #1 condom brand. We wonder what took Trojan so long to come out with a line of lubricants. We’ll forgive them for the delay– these Trojan lubes are worth the wait. Find your favorite or mix and match for your pleasure.

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