Could Coke Fight HIV in Africa?

Update 18. 7. 08: We’re joining forces with the “Coke For Condoms” initiative. I’m looking forward to help.

I’m just picking up a discussion from “thedebateclub” because I think it is an interesting approach. The basic idea goes like this:

Who doesn’t enjoy an ice cold bottle of Coca-Cola? Not many. Especially, the people of Africa, where 44 million bottles are sold, every single day. 44m x 365 days a year = roughly 16 billion bottles of the brown, fizzy stuff.

So how about attaching a condom to Coke cans? It’s not unlike the recent Finnish Longdrink with a condom. I’d just like to add some thoughts to the conversation here, please feel free to join in.

  • This should be integrated into a campaign to actually teach people the use of condoms
  • Governments and other organisations should join in to make this successful
  • Heat and cold can damage condoms which makes this a difficult task in Africa with drinks
  • The trust in Coke is where I see the main chances of this project

Well why not I think it’s worth a try!

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