Control, Durex and Be Love Fight Spain’s Teenage Pregnancy and HIV

Spain is promoting condom use and taking on unwanted teenage pregnancies and STI’s. The Spanish Department of Health has won the backing of the biggest condom brands like Control and Durex as well as a small upcoming french brand Be Love to accomplish this task.

The first big step has already been taken with the successful launch of their Yo Pongo Condón that was said to have had a major inpact on the Spanish youth. More than 162.000 visits were counted to and the youtube campaign was watched over 500.000 times.

The Government and the condom producers reportedly agreed to do 5 important campaigns:

  • Promote the use of male and female condoms
  • To sell cheaper boxes with fewer condoms
  • To ensure better availability
  • To market them in an attractive way
  • To inform people in farmacies

The brands will also run or continue their own cammpaigns to reach the goals.

Be Love Condoms

Be Love Condoms

The French brand Be Love will make their special “5 condoms for 1 Euro” deal widely available, that has proven a big success in France before. They started to sell at gas stations and newspaper stands and are today available in many stores and pharmacies across France.

We’ll see what kind of impact they will have on Spain with their low budget condoms.

Control Condoms

Control Logo

Control has distributed 300.000 condoms in 10 cities (Alicante, Barcelona, Bilbao, Córdoba, Madrid, Málaga, Murcia, Sevilla, Valencia and Zaragoza) to women only. Everyone could swap something dispensable from their handbags for Control condoms.

Another half a million condoms will follow in 2009.

Moreover Control will increase their 3000 vending mashines up to 5000 spread all over Spain. These machines mostly located outside of pharmacies allow the purchase of condoms 24 hours a day.

Durex Condoms

Durex Condoms Logo

Durex Condoms Spain will offer a cheap deal for the Spanish kids: A condom box consisting of 8 condoms for as little as 3,99 Euros. Another 250.000 Rubbers will be given away for free in magazines to reach a certain readership.

Durex have used magazines often before to share some awareness (and to market their brand of course) as in the case of the German youth mag Bravo to spread their smaller condoms to the younger group of readers, they have even produced their own magazine with tips, insights and condom coupons in the US.

Via Reuters/Teresa Larraz

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