Contex iCondom

The iCondom is around for quite some time now, but not everyone has seen it yet. It is a perfectly done viral with some smart ideas. It’s basically an iPhone spoof, but honestly, the condom industry would be smart to finally come up with more contemporary design.

Don’t come asking though where you can get this, because you can’t. The condom packaging comes with:

Update: I have removed all links to the site, since it doesn’t exist anymore. You may find other images on the web searching for iCondom by Contex.

iCondom Parts

  • iMemory
    “This condom is made of latex of the special formula which possesses effect of memory”
  • iLight
    “We have made a condom which is really shone and shines”
  • iTree
    Which is an “extract of «a crying tree»”
  • iFood
    “We have developed the special edible formula of latex for creation of these condoms with addition of aromatizeres, identical natural”

The site is still reachable under its Russian domain. It’s only Russian, but the images and the videos are still there so here you go:

iCondom Video

The video may be viewed here: Youtube iCondom Video.

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