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Condom freebies are really in at the moment if you take two recent events as an indicator. The Indian condom ringtone launched in August achieved 270’000 downloads and 2 million pageviews in a very short period and it doesn’t seem to be ending there. New York city gave away 39,070,000 of its own NYC branded male condoms this year. Which sums up to the total cost of $1,054,228 for the fiscal year 2008.

And because all good things come in threes we’re offering a new refreshing RSS icon by Ilias Sounas to download and use. You can use it for private or commercial projects, blogs and websites for free be it as a gag, as a temporary solution for the World Aids Day on December 1st or as definitive solution.

Condomunity RSS Icons

The RSS icon was designed by Greek illustrator and animator Ilias Sounas. You can also see his tutorial here: Illustrators for Awareness. The icon was designed to be interactive and change the bubble at mousevoer if you want.


The icons may be used in whatever form you want under the condition that you link back to this site.

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