Moment of Condom Use Zen: Action Movies

In a recent story we’ve heard that Capetown football players are using cheap condoms to secure their football socks.

But the possibilities for condom use seem to be endless. Condoms can be used for the production of action movies too (and apparently they are used often and widely).

So what exactly are they used for in action movies? The condoms are filled with artificial blood and have tiny crackers attached to them through invisible wires for those scenes in which the actors get shot or hurt and the blood’s supposed to shed.

The crackers react to the remote control button that are operated by the action director’s assistants that follow the take from the periphery and cause the condom to tear and spill the blood.

Mohan Baggad, who began his career as Devgan’s assistant and later became an independent action director, said: “Though the technology now used in Bollywood is far improved from what it was a decade ago, make-shift devices innovated by action directors still come in handy while shooting fights and other thriller scenes. […] The use of condoms in such scenes is a tested practice. Here again, only an expert cinematographer and editor can make such scenes look real on the screen.”

What I thought was rather interesting noting is that “most Bollywood action coordinators prefer imported condoms because they do not get accidentally ruptured when the individual being shot at has to jump, tumble or roll down as the situation demands.”

I have also recently discovered an interesting (or disgusting I haven’t made up my mind yet) condom that does a similar thing – it simulates virginity. Enough said, who’s interested click on the picture.


Via [HindustanTimes/Burman]

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