Condoms for the Ultimate Playboy and His Bunnies

Playboy condoms
What took so long?

The brand most synonymous with sex, which has branded merchandise from ball caps to bedding to barware and beyond, has FINALLY come out with its own line of prophylactics! Introducing Playboy Condoms…

Billed as “the second skin of your safer pleasure”, Playboy Condoms promote safe sex to all bunnies and players worldwide. Made of premium latex, Playboy Condoms ensure pregnancy prevention as well as lower the risk of catching or spreading sexually transmitted diseases so you can be as wild and naughty as you want.

To accommodate your personal preferences, Playboy Condoms are available in four types:
• Lubricated (Nominal width 54 mm)
• Lubricated dotted for an extra sensory experience (Nominal width 54 mm)
• Lubricated ultra thin for maximum sensitivity (Nominal width 54 mm)
• Lubricated large size for well-endowed men (Nominal width 56 mm)

The Asian market actually has even more options to choose from, including flavored Playboy Condoms. Are Asians really more fun in the sack than Americans? Hmm…

Playboy Condoms are manufactured in Thailand, a country often thought to have an “anything goes” attitude towards sex. Have you ever been to Bangkok?

With as much sex that has taken place in the Grotto and just about everywhere else, you can bet that condoms from the ultimate playboy himself, Hugh Hefner, cum with maximum reliability. Each condom is individually tested and meets U.S. and international standards for condom effectiveness. You do have to do your part, however. Have your fair share of sex but make sure you know how to use a condom properly and wear a rubber for every sexual encounter, and we do mean every encounter, whether it’s vaginal, anal or oral.

Using these sexy condoms just might make you feel like the ultimate playboy.

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