Where to Get Condoms in Fable 2

We received a lot of visitors for the last preview article to Fable’s condom feature. The condom – just as in real life – saves you a lot of trouble like unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. So where do you find the fetching sheath, made from only the very best animal intestines?


Rumor has it that you can find the condom:

  • on sale from certain merchants
  • your dog finds them
  • at general stores
  • at gift stores

Please feel free to share all of the places you bought condoms with us in the comments below (thanks to everyone who sent this in).

Update: Reader suggested places:

  • A merchant in Oakville would have condoms for sale for 4 gold a piece, it’s a stall just outside of the bar in Oakville (by Dillon)

A quick look at the manual for Fable II reveals the following about love and family:

Whether you’re married or not, it is possible to have sex with many of the people you meet on your travels, for love or money. Prostitutes are relatively common in the seedier parts of Albion, and it is they who are most vocally discussing a fascinating new invention: the condom. Using this device is the only reliable way to avoid contracting the nasty sexually transmitted diseases that many people carry and, of course, to prevent pregnancy. Condoms are available for sale from certain merchants.

And yeah if this is what the good old prostitutes look like in Fable II, you’d better be looking for the condoms right now.

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