Condoms and Gas Don’t Mix

Man Fatally Shot at Gas Station Over Costly Condoms

Gas prices are rising and it’s getting on everyone’s nerves and putting a dent in our wallets. But we have to drive so we fork over our hard-earned cash. A Detroit man wasn’t so ready, however, to dole out extra dollars for condoms.

The condoms are priced too damned high, complained Michael Haynes II once he realized how much he had just spent on a box of condoms at a BP gas station. When denied a refund or a lowered price, Haynes raised a ruckus, including knocking over shelves of merchandise. The customer’s belligerent behavior allegedly caused the store clerk to leave his bullet-proof area, wield a weapon and fire a warning shot, which struck Haynes in the shoulder. Haynes died as a result of the wound later at the hospital.


Haynes felt the BP station’s condoms cost more than other stores. This was probably true, but it’s not to say that BP was pricing their condoms too high. Condoms are available all over but there is a sizable variance in the pricing, as well as the selection, depending on the type of store. Grocery stores tend to have higher prices while convenience stores are notorious for having both high prices and a very limited selection. You’re paying for the convenience of buying condoms any time, even overnight. Buying condoms online is perhaps most economical and offers the best selection. Plus, you can stock up so you are always prepared.

We sincerely hope that this tragedy will not deter anyone from buying condoms. Always practicing safe sex is a matter of life and death.

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