Condoms 95 Times More Cost-Effective than Circumcision

John Travis who became one of the leading figures in the wellness movement in 1975 has released some results of the findings of a new study today.

The study, “The Cost to Circumcise Africa, compared the cost of male circumcision to the cost of lifetime distribution of free condoms in sub-Saharan Africa. Not surprisingly if you ask me they found that,

Male circumcision is too costly to justify in the HIV battle. Even if circumcision does offer some protection against heterosexually transmitted HIV, condoms clearly provide more protection, at a much lower cost.[…] We found that it just doesn’t make sense to perform mass surgeries in a region of the world struggling to meet the most basic healthcare needs, especially when there are more cost-effective plans for achieving the same results.

The entire results will be published in fall 2008. This is just another reminder that we could be doing some good with our “Condomunity Coke Action”. We’ll keep you posted.

Via [PRWeb]

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