Condomizing Jesse Helms’ House

It was in 1991 when the fight for AIDS funding in the US peaked. It is then when Sean Strub and six of his fellow activists of the “TAG7” decided to “condomize” the house of US Senator Jesse Helms, a notorious opponent of safe-sex education and AIDS funding in the US.

They designed and ordered a 3’500 Dollar inflatable condom made from a parachute-like material.

It was made to fit the whole house and of course to carry an important promotional message: “A condom to stop unsafe politics. Helms is deadlier than a virus” (the dimensions of the Helms’s house were estimated from a photograph).

Fully inflated the condom along with the reservoir tip covered the entire roof and front of Helm’s house. The action, planned along with a Greenpeace experienced advisor, went smoothly that day and possibly helped spread awareness for this delicate topic.

I like this story and I guess it was a far bigger sensation in 1991 than it would have been today. But what I actually wanted to suggest, who’s with me to condomize the Vatican?

You can read more on this piece of Aids activism here:

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