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It is hard to judge an online store only by its looks, so we’re stepping up to help you out. Online condom stores might be even harder, because it is absolutely crucial that you get a good product (not expired, discreet packaging, good price) shipped fast.

We got in touch with the shop owners and wanted to know what is good about their shop, how long they’ve been around and why you should buy condoms online at their store. Everything displayed in italics is in their own words.

This is a condom online store review for Condomania. Don’t forget to check the ratings by our users and see how many people voted for that site to get a perfectly unbiased opinion. Also, for me personally the response time by the customer support is an important factor in ranking any website (check in “short facts”).

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Condomania Short Facts

  • Date of foundation: June 28th 1991, New York City
  • Founder: Adam Glickman
  • Where they are: USA
  • Response time: 2 weeks
  • Website:
  • Products they have: Condoms, lubes, massage kits, gifts and games, bachelorette tools, toys
  • Regional market: “The U.S., although we ship to our customers in over 30 countries every month”.

Recent News about Condomania

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What Condomania Says

Why should anyone choose your shop?
“We’ve been around a long time. In fact, Condomania started on Bleecker Street in New York City in 1991 as America’s first condom store. We know our products well and we understand the concerns and needs of our customers. In the age of fly-by-night web shops, brand stability and longevity are paramount”.

The Website

What are the website’s specialities?


“Condomania does a very good job of helping our customers find the best products for the individual needs. With hundreds of condom and lubricant choices, the task can be overwhelming. That’s where our resident online shopping advisors come in; The Condom Wizard will help anyone find that perfect condom while Lucy Lube can help to select the right lube, lotion or potion.

Simply put, Condomania makes shopping for condoms and related products fun and for many this is welcome change from the awkward and embarrassing experiences often had at the local drugstore or sex shop”.

Condomania Main Site
This is the main page of Condomania. Main navigation with the products are found on top, many important links in the footer.

Condomania Homepage

Obama Condoms
The Obama Condom is still a huge hit.

Obama Condoms

Election Protection Condoms
Looking for some presidents, senators or other politicians to protect you?


You Condoms
This will remind you of what you are protected against: another you…


Their Products

This is what Condomania has in store for you:

  • Condomania Condoms
  • TheyFit Condoms
  • Banana Condoms
  • Beyond Seven Condoms
  • Caution Condoms
  • Clear Generic Condoms
  • Contempo Condoms
  • Crown Condoms
  • Durex Condoms
  • FC Female Condom
  • Inspiral Condoms
  • Kimono Condoms
  • KISS Kondoms Tongue Lubricated
  • LifeStyles Condoms
  • Okomoto Condoms
  • One Condoms
  • Paradise Condoms
  • Pleasure Plus Condoms
  • Trojan Condoms
  • Trustex Condoms
  • Vivid Condoms: Jenna Jameson & more!

What are the hottest items in your store?
“The Obama Condoms are pretty hot right now! Japanese ultra thin condoms such as Crown always do well, as do our hi-tech synthetic condom such as LifeStyles Skins and Trojan Supra. Among the other big sellers are smaller sized condoms (snugger fit) and vibrating condom rings of various designs and functions”.


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By the way, know that the store officials are reading here, which means that suggesting improvements etc. will be read and appreciated by them.


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