Condom Wallet


At times you’ve got to ask yourself: where am I supposed to hide that condom thing (of course you might choose not to hide but to show them off in a big plastic condom bag also)? And often you might get tempted to just put it somewhere in your wallet.

The only problem is that your wallet is not made for this – it will crush your life insurance in no time. That’s what Christopher Leo thought, so he quickly designed a condom friendly wallet, where the condom is the star and may be hidden behind your credit cards.

So next time you try to hide a rubber in your wallet, remember there’s someone out there owning this technology since January 2009. I imagine this technology helps in two ways – a bigger wallet makes you look more desirable (ok hopefully not) and the protection is there at your service, too.

Unfortunately there’s not much information on how this should work, but the pictures will at least give you a slight idea. And just in case it ever hits a store, we’ll let the world know.

Front Elevational View


Top Plan and Bottom Plan View


In case you didn’t know, there’s pretty much ANYTHING you can imagine in the condom patent world!

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