Condom Rifle Barrels Cover

That’s probably just one of the uses condoms have in harsh times.

The condom is an important part of military material and not long ago this fact has been used as a trick by the Royal Air Force Regiment to attract recruits by sending out 20’000 condoms to males aged between 18-24.

Some of those uses are:

  • Stop bleeding
  • Prevent sand, dirt and water getting into wounds
  • A condom placed over the barrel of a gun helps stop sand and dirt jamming the weapon
  • Filled with water it’s an emergency water carrier
  • Inflate them for good small arms targets
  • Use in emergencies as surgical gloves to help prevent infection spreading
  • Great storage covers for anything small that must be kept dry (flaes, matches, etc)

Found other uses for condoms or know of others, let us know in the comments.

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