Moment of Condom Use Zen: Shoe Polish

Bandundu – So far we’ve reported about condoms used as football sock rubber bands and as action movie tools. Not to mention that you can produce bloody entrails with the condoms themselves.

And as the title already gives away, some people in Congo, in the province of Bandundu have found a way to use condoms as shoe polish. To be more exact it is their lubricant that has captured their imagination (and please compare it to the Cambodian acne cure).

The awkward but innovative situation is caused by the ongoing high prices for real shoe polish and of course the low prices (or free distribution) of condoms. This new code of practice is apparently around since 2007 when young soldiers and policemen started to experiment with the condom lubricants. From there it was only a matter of time before more and more people started to use it among the city population.

Not everyone is satisfied with the situation such as health and United Nations Population Fund officials who are trying to stop the new shoe polishing method.

A pack of condoms including 3 pieces are sold for 50 FC or 0,09 Dollars on the local markets, whereas a can of shoe polish costs 350 FC or 0,6 Dollars. The prevalence rate of HIV in the urban area of Bandundu is about 3,1 percent.

Via Afrik

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